Rhetoric Al-Mujadalah of Nabi Ibrahim A.S. in The Quran

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Nor Raudah Siren
Badlihisham Mohd Nasir
Rohaily Abd Rahman
Ashraf M. Zedan


Al-Mujadalah according to the Quran and as-Sunnah are jadal, which uses the argument of reason and self-contained and is to be accepted by the human heart. Al-Mujadalah goal is to convince the target state and preaching of the truth of Islam. This da’wah methods also is a guide to give way to the non-muslim and those who deviated from the runway to think about righteousness. Therefore this paper aims to track al-Mujadalah methods used by the Prophet of Ibrahim a.s. when arguing with his people in the Quran. Method study conducted using content analysis of several chapters related to the story of the prophet of Ibrahim a.s. in the Quran. There are two aspects of al-Mujadalah to be highlighted that rational argumentative (logical) and emotive argumentative. Rational argumentative also called the appeal made by the author in the intellectual and tried to prove by logic (aqli) and evidence (naqli). Soliciting through irrational or emotive argumentative also appeal to the feelings and emotions of the audience. However, the study found, the prophet of Ibrahim a.s.only use rational argumentative methods. The prophet of Ibrahim a.s. in certain verses in the Quran uses the effective al-mujadalah methods which may cast doubt on idolatry and confidence in the existence of Allah, the Lord of universe.


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Research Article (Malay)