Analysis of Humanitarian Intervention Implementation in Armed Conflicts from al-Qur’an Perspective

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Muhammad Fahmi Md Ramzan
Mohamad Zaidi Abdul Rahman
Bharuddin Che Pa
Nurfarhana Mohd Daud


This article debate about Islamic view on the concept and implementation of humanitarian intervention. Although the concept of humanitarian intervention was explored by the West, but the implementation also inseparable from the principles and values of Islam. Islam as a religion of peace uplift the dignity and human rights set out in the karomah insaniyah (human dignity). The values taught by Islam is parallel with moral principles such as protect, love and help each other in virtue which it can protect human rights. Gross violations of human rights in situations of armed conflict that could bring a humanitarian disaster such as ethnic cleansing and genocide should be stopped by appropriate and fair humanitarian intervention. It is to ensure the completion of a conflict effectively seeks benefits for all mankind, not for the benefit of any party. Thus, writer would like to highlight the Islamic perspective on the implementation of humanitarian intervention from holy Qur’an so that it becomes an absolute concept and should be implemented in accordance with the Shariah, international law and the international community.


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