The Qur'anic Narrative of The Prophets' Missions: Repositioning Religious Values

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Abdulrahman Helli


This study reviews the Qur’anic narration of Prophets' Missions to demonstrate the Qurʾanic method of presenting the Islamic stance on the careers of past Prophets and turning it into an essential element of the Islamic worldview. The article deals with some questions regarding the Qurʾān’s treatment of prophetic narratives, these include: why does the Qurʾān mention specific Prophets by name and recount their stories elaborately whereas others are only briefly spoken of or are left entirely unmentioned? What is the Qurʾanic stance of key Prophet’s? What are the themes and values common to Prophets’ Missions? These and related questions will be answered through the review and analysis of Qurʾanic accounts of Prophets’ missions illustrating the particularities of each and the commonalities they share. Ultimately, and in light of the answers to these questions, I will propose the thesis that the Qurʾanic discourse reconstructs the history of prophethood to present Islam as a universal religion premised upon prophetic religious values.


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