Conceptualising Degrees of Certainty in the Quran and Developing an Epistemologico-Axiological Concept in Islamic Research

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Mohd Syahmir Alias


As an ultimate source of knowledge in Islam, the Quran mentions some forms of human certainty in remarking truth. Therefore, this paper intends to identify the forms of certainties included in the Quran in order to conceptualise them by degrees. Then, an analysis of this degree of certainties is done within the scope of the Islamic research. Owing to the fact that research according to Islamic worldview aimed at attaining truth with a degree of substantial certainty. In this paper, data collection is done through document analysis and it is analysed by content analysis. Consequently, this paper finds that, philosophically, certainty in research relates to the scope of the theory of knowledge or epistemology which directly proportional to certain values which is the main theme discussed through the theory of value or axiology. Thus, this paper proposes an epistemologico-axiological oriented research concept to be applied in research, particularly in research related to Islam and Muslims by a Muslim researcher.


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