Group Theory and Set Point in The Holy Qur'an: Set Point in Verses, Sentences and Words in Surah Al-Baqarah As a Model

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Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh


This paper presents the symmetry between the Verses, sentences and words in Sura (Chapter) Al-Baqarah depending on the Group theory which states that: "The Holy Qur'an in the first kind, is divided into two halves (2-57 and 58-113 beginning with beginning and 113-58 beginning with ending), in which every Sura in the first half has a harmonic set point relation with a corresponding Sura in the second half, similarly in each Sura as a second kind; each verse or group of verses in the first half corresponds to a verse or group of verses in the second half, and this applicable to the verse itself, too, as a third kind. The lowest level of  set point or symmetry is called the identity (E). Beginning with beginning and beginning with ending are applicable to all.


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Research Article (Arabic)