A Stylistic Reading in Surah al-Qamar

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Rashid Hamad al-Husaini


This paper is an attempt to contemplate Surah al-Qamar (Ch.54) in terms of the coherence of the Quranic expression at all its levels. To achieve this goal, the present paper adopted the Stylistic Approach to examine the afore-mentioned Surah: its phonetic, vocabulary, structure and semantic. In this regard, the analysis show that Surah al-Qamar contains a very fine precision in terms of the sounding of letters, the choosing of the precise words, the coherence of the structure with the psychological situation of the receivers and the whole image that the Quranic discourse draws to illustrate the meanings. Based on these findings, the current paper is expected to encourage researchers to undertake further studies in the Quranic contemplation through examining other Surah and using the same Stylistic Approach which is among the famous methods in our attempts to understand the Holy Qur’an.


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Research Article (Arabic)