Manhajiyyah al-Qur’ān al-Karīm wa KhaÎaiÎuhu fī IÎlāh al-Ikhtilālāt al-ijtimā’iyyah

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Hakim E. Al Shamiri


Through extrapolation and tracing the Qur'anic versions and the legal texts we find clear that the Qur'an has a distinct methodology, unique characteristics and a predominant role in addressing the imbalances in the Arab societies. It also reformed what was corrupted in the life of ignorance and eradicated from all the deviations in the Arabian Peninsula. The Qur'anic legislation exceled all ancient and modern legislation and we see through our reading of the versa of the Qur'an that they give priority to fighting injustice and corruption in all matters of life, and not only to act of worship. They address these deviations with some of wisdom and rationality in a gradual manner as required by the stakeholders and the circumstances surrounding the individual and society. This research aims to highlight the characteristics of the Quran, and clarify the methodology used in the treatment of social problems, and the imbalances of living. It also aim to present examples of these reforms that recorded by some of the Qur'anic verses and the promotion of research models that indicate the ability of the Quran to address the imbalances and human deviations. The significance of the search lies in the ability of the Holy Qur'an in the elimination of imbalances in the reform of the community, and a gradation of mankind commensurate with his instinct and physical and mental abilities. The researcher concluded that the Qur'an has plenty of methods, to address all the problems surrounding the human beings with its relevance to human nature and its characteristics.


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Research Article (Arabic)