ShakhÎiyyah al-mar’at min khilāl al-qiÎaÎ al-muta’aliqah bi nisā’ fī tafsīr Zilāl al-Qur’ān

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Husna Husain


Qutb  is an influential character towards Muslims from all the Arab and Muslim world. It is known that he closely enganged with the justice movement and social reform and calls for a return to proper Islamic beliefs and ways in life. However, rarely known his thoughts on issues concerning women, especially his views on a woman's personality. The aim of this article is to identify his views on women’s personality by observing his interpretations on Quranic stories. This analytical approach study focusing on the texts in Tafsir Fi Zilal Al-Quran as a premier source to highlight that characterize Sayed Qutb's views about women's personality based on the texts contained in the interpretation.  It is concluded that Sayed Qutb clarify that the positive woman's personality is overcome the negative behaviour through his interest in al-taswir al-fanniyy in Quranic stories. He also does not draw all Quranic stories women characters but only gives features with clear effect on reality.


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Research Article (Arabic)