Al-Turuq al-munharifah fī tafsīr wa atharuhā fī tafrīq al-ummah al-Islāmiyyah

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Bey Zekkoub Abdelali
Yousef Mohammed Abdo Mohammed Al-'Awadhy
Yaser Muhammad AbdulRahman Thurshani


The purpose of this research is to clarify the deviant ways in interpreting the Noble Qur’an and its effect on the nation. The problem of research is the use of many of the people of the difference in interpreting the Quranic verses in supporting their doctrines and beliefs, turned it from the meaning of the apparent, to the meaning of their desires and beliefs, as well as deal with the verses of the Qur’an to the texts and meanings in response to the violators, and atonement, and here the expansion of the difference between Muslims and some communities to disbelieve others, and called to fight On the one hand, and on the other hand, we find that the innovator falsificate the meaning of the Noble Qur’an, by entering their point of wrong views, calling for facilitation, evangelization, and keeping pace with the reality imposed by the West. The importance of research is highlighted in the statement of deviant ways of interpretation which are: The method of the Historian in the interpretation, the method of Mu’tazilah in the interpretation, the method of the Shiism in the interpretation, the method of mysticism philosophical in the interpretation, the method of the claim renewal in the interpretation, and these deviant ways affected the understanding of Muslims to the Qur’an, and many Dismissed differences and deviations in the interpretation of the Qur’an lead to the destruction of religion as the Qur’an is the first source of Muslims, and the preservation of religion is the first purpose of the purposes of Islamic law, and these interpretations lead to a misunderstanding of the Quranic orders that contradict the intent of the street, The methodology of research is analytical inductive in clarifying the deviant methods and indicating their negative impact on the nation. The most important results: The emergence of these deviant methods in the interpretation opened to the Muslims a great division and corruption, the effects of which remain to the present day.


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