Shabakāt TawāÎul al-Ijtimā’I wa Khidmat Ulūm al-Qur’ān

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Afaf K. Alajmi
Adama Bamba
Mat Taib Pa
Wilailak Wisetrat


This paper is an attempt to document, statistically, the activity of the Twitter users in promoting the Qur’anic recitation. To do so, the Content Analysis method was adopted to extract the Twitter accounts related to the Quranic recitation. Then, MS-Excel 2016 was used to undertake some basic data statistics operations. Also, this paper adopted the “Klout” model developed to analyse the influence of Twitter and the other types of the Social Media. The results show that the Twitter users in Quranic recitation field have a high level of activities in four major domains: a) Qur’an recitation, b) the Confusing verses, c) teaching and training in reciting Qur’an, and d) listening to the expert reciters. The number of the tweets by the research sample reached (970.889), their followers (3.126.272) and “Likes” (116.8600). Therefore, this paper is expected to incite reserchers in the field of the Qur’anic studies to further similar researches on other Social Media networks.


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Research Article (Arabic)