al-’Aqyisah al-Manṭiqiyyah fi al-Qur’ān al-Karīm wa Dalālatuhā ‘alā al-Hidāyah al-Rabbaniyyah fī ’Arkān al-’Īmān

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Basmah Bashir Quraiba’
Adama Bamba


Logical assessment is very essential in the Holy Qur’an, as it provides extra knowledge in proving the existence of divinity and divine guidance of the Pillars of Faith. This study tries to investigate the logical methods elaborated and employed in the Qur’an to manifest faith in acquiring/obtaining guidance. To achieve this main objective, the study will determine the most essential logical assessments in the Qur’an and will demonstrate the cognitive inferences of logical assessment in line with the divine guidance. The study adopts inductive analytical research approach to achieve the objectives. Consistent with the study objectives, the study consists of three main parts: 1- uses, examples and limitations of logical assessment in the Holy Qur’an and 2- suitability and evidence of logical assessments of divine guidance on the pillars of Faith. This study, undoubtedly, will contribute to accomplish the main objectives of Conference of Muqaddas (8) by providing insightful knowledge about the logical assessment and inferences of divine guidance of the Pillars of Faith.


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Research Article (Arabic)