al-Hidāyāt al-Kuliyyah al-Musṭanbaṭah min Āyāt Ghuzwah ’Uhud fī Sūrah Āl ‘Imrān

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Uthman Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Ali


The Holy Qur’an is the greatest Book of Guidance as it reveals all good things and teachings that are worthy of deeply critical work and contemplation. This, thus, helps induce and figure out the multifacted types of guidance. Despite Muslim scholars’ distinguished works having been conducted on the Guidance topic, the door is still open for many other researchers to conduct other studies. This research investigates some verses manifesting the guidance stated in surat Al Imran in order to induce and figure out the totality of guidance concerning the verses of the Battle of Uhud. This, thus, helps explain how this guidance can be reflected in the contemporary time. The importance of this research lies in the fact that it collects the other missing parts concerning the verses of the Battle of Uhud and put them under one umbrella. This research is also important as it manifests the intended intention presupposed by the verses in order to convey what Allah (SWT) wants to convey, which helps Muslims benifit from this in their daily life.


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