al-Hidāyāt al-Qur’āniyyah fī Sūrah al-Masad : Dirāsah Taṭbīqiyyah

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Ali Abdullah Hamd Al-Sakakir


Surat al-Masad consists of much guidance with great number of inferences to those who meditate and contemplate. Guidance is either explicit or implicit. Implicit guidance requires to be manifested and figured out. The researcher has tried to induce all different matters of guidance by making use of other interpreters’ works. Having investigated this, the researcher found (34) different matters and things associated to Quranic guidance. This number is subject to increase if someone tries to investigate deeper, because Qur’an’s miracles and secrets are endless. The research is divided into seven parts. The first part investigates the intended meanings, dissociative thoughts and guidance associated to the reasons of revelation. The second part focuses on the matters of guidance of the intended meanings. Each verse is thoroughly explained for the researcher to manifest all types of intended meanings, dissociative thoughts and guidance.


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