‘Athar Dirāsah ’Aḥwāl al-Nuzūl fī Istinbāṭ al-Hidāyāt al-Qur’āniyyah min Khilāl Sūrah al-Nisā’

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Halah Hashim Abu Zaid


This study investigates the situation during which surah (chapter) an-Nisa was revealed to prophet Mohammed (PBUH). This, thus, enables the researcher to extract the intended meanings, dissociative thoughts and guidance conveyed in the textual presentation of the surah. The study talks about the time of revelation of the surah during summer and winter and about what parts were revealed in Mecca and Medina. The study also describes the situation, circumstances and reasons that were taking place at the time of revelation of the surah. The study shows how surah an-Nisa helps extract and induce the multifaceted layers of Quranic guidance, which can be better understood when the situation, time and reason of revelation is considered. This understanding and extraction of the Quranic guidance should be based on accurate processes i.e. emphasis, addition, clarification and inference. The researcher concludes that understanding and considering the situation, reason and time of revelation is essential in formulating and shaping someone’s realization to accurately extracting the implicit and explicit guidance of the surah. The researcher concludes that studying the situation, time and reason of revelation helps understand different aspects of the rhetorics and eloquence of the Qur’an. This thus helps extract the wisdom presupposed, shape a complete picture and logic of understanding the multifaceted relations of meaning. This also helps understand the accurate criteria of induction and helps connect the Quranic guidance with the current existing situation.  All this shows how unique is the Quranic guidance. The study shows the importance of women in playing an essential part in developing and promoting human society by taking care of family and saving society from social disintegration.


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