Hidāyāt Sūrah al-Muṭaffifīn: Dirāsah Taṭbiqiyyah

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Abdul Ilah Ait Lahna


Being guided by the Holy Qur’an can be perfectly accomplished when we understand the intended meaning of the Quranic discourse in different ways and fields. Hidāyah (guidance) is based on the Quranic guidance provided by Allah to humans in order to seek all good and avoid all evil. This research is an attempt to figure out the different types of Quranic guidance and to relate it to how this can bring and guarantee happiness to human. Adopting experimental research method, the study investigates surah of Al-Mutaffifin (chapter 83) in order to extract the different types of guidance and to demonstrate how this can be applied by the Muslim Nation. The title of this research is about  “the Matters of Guidance in surah of Al-Mutaffifin: Experimental Study”. The study demonstrates the different theoretical and experimental ways and approaches used in extracting all different types and matters of guidance. Then, the study categorizes all things related to guidance in respect of the field they belong to i.e. economy, theology, behavior and morals.  The significance of this study lies in the research focus on the origin of the sciences of Quranic guidance in respect of extracting, demonstrating and categorizing all matters related to guidance. The significance of the study also lies in the research focus on the educational part of Quranic guidance by demonstrating the need of Muslim Nation for this study theoretically and experimentally. 


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