Duwar al-’Alfāẓ fī Istinbāṭ al-Hidāyāt al-Qur’āniyyah Dirāsah Ta’ṣiliyyah Taṭbiqiyyah

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'Imad Ad-din Hussin Muhammad Al-Kinani


This research consists of four chapters and a conclusion. The introduction includes objectives, methodology and some necessary introductions. Chapter 1 consists of the linguistic and idiomatic definitions of (الفظ) meaning “utterance or pronunciation” in language. Chapter 2 consists of the parts that discuss the “Quranic utterance” with some illustrative examples to demonstrate the importance of each part. Chapter 3 discusses the inferential characteristics of the “Quranic utterance” with some illustration and explanation to demonstration. Chapter 4 discusses the limitations/parts of the interferential references of Quranic utterance with illustrating the significance of each limitation/part. Finally, all conclusions and recommendations are drawn.


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Research Article (Arabic)