al-Hidāyāt al-Qur’āniyyah fī Sūrah Hūd, min al-’Āyat (1), ’ilā al-’Āyah (11), Dirāsah Taṭbiqiyyah

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Muhammad Dukuri Mahmud Dukuri


This research discusses the importance of revelation of Quranic verses. The research manifests  that Quranic guidance is the best way for Muslims to straightforwardly get guided. This can be achieved by acquiring constructive knowedge, taking fruitful actions and preaching Islam to other people. Following  the principle of moderation in practising Islamic teachings, seeking repentence and redemption, being continent, fearing Allah and being carful not to commit prohibitions are fundemtnal conditions for a Muslim to seek Quranic guidance. The research argues that one of the most important ways to detect and experience Quranic guidance is relateded to “the original/root of morpho-syntactic derivations” of words by coherently relating Quranic texts together and by referring back to the scholars’ works, Qira’at and Islamic jurisprudence. Guidance of Quranic verses have special features and characteristics i.e. 1- the use of challenge and scentific  miraculousness of the Holy Qur’an,  and 2- use of some rhetorical techniques. The research finally concludes that the characteristics  of the guidance of Quranic verses are: 1- comprehensiveness, 2- mastery, 3- purifying heart and self, 4- adopting stick and carrot approach ( fear and hope method), 5- accuracy, 6- learning and guidance and 7- attention and care.


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