Istijlā’ al-Hidāyāt al-Qur’āniyyah min al-Tafāsīr al-’Ishāriyah

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Nuruddin Aqjidhadh


This study discusses the referentially implicit interpretations of the Qur’an in light with consistently cognitive, historical and methodological aspects. The study gives accurate explanation of rhetorics of the Qur’an and gradual revelation. Talking and discussing about referentially implicit interpretation is highly essential due to its beauty and value lying in the magnificent referentially (meta) linguistic system that generates a range of intended meanings, functions and dissociative thoughts. This, thus, shows the power and greatness of Allah (SWT) in guiding us and attracting our attention to the beauty of the hidden interpretations of the Qur’an. To draw and grasp the Quranic guidance of the Qur’an and its referential and implicit meanings and interpretations, there ought to be some precise measures to determine the accuracy of the entire process of the implicit interpretations.The study has highlighted much Quranic guidance rhetorically conveyed and presupposed by the referentially implicit interpretations of the Qur’an. The study then has applied “consideration and take approach” in selecting the strongly relevant interpretations. The study adopts a new approach through which new criteria are suggested in interpreting referentially implicit utterances in line with the thorough process of discourse parameters of revelation. The study has described the referentially implicit interpretations and highlighted the places where they appear. This has been done by manifesting the techniques used in contextually connecting all these interpretations, which are coherently in line with specifically accurate  criteria that help distinguish well-formulated implicit interpretations from the ill-ones. The study concludes that referentially implicit interpretations illustrate and portray the remarkable value of Quranic guidance. The vast majority of these interpretations are consistent with the reliable rules used in extracting and inducing Quranic guidance being implicitly related to the (meta) cognitive aspects of interpretations that are implicitly transmitted and that are not easy to be perceived by people. This thus gives a unique aesthetical value to these interpretations and hidden meaning that all interact in portraying Quranic guidance.


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