Analysis of Al-Quran Memorization Method by Understanding the Meaning in Tahfiz Education Institutions in Alor Setar Kedah

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Mohamad Shahrin Baharudin
Mohd Nizam Sahad


This research is an analysis of the method of al-Quran memorization by understanding the meaning, in tahfiz institutions in Alor Setar, Kedah. This study aims to identify the extent of memorization method by understanding the meaning of Quran is used in the tahfiz institutions in Alor Setar. To achieve this, researcher conducted the study using quantitative method where questionnaire survey was employed for data collection. Respondents were students at institutions Tahfiz Al-Qur’an in Alor Setar, consisting of 300 students. For data sampling, researcher used the Stratified Random Sampling technique to randomly choose students from 8 tahfiz institutions. Findings showed that, there are four Tahfiz al-Quran systems in Alor Setar, Indian and Pakistani tahfiz learning systems, al-Azhar tahfiz system, Science tahfiz system and Turkish tahfiz system. The results of the study also found that the four study systems showed moderate mean and low percentage of memorization method by understanding the meaning of al-Quran used in these institutions. The low mean values show that these Tahfiz students still have weaknesses in the understanding of al-Quran. Thus, the memorization method using the Tafsir curriculum shall be employed to achieve the objective of Quran study. 


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