Athar Huruf al-Ma'āni Fi Ikhtilāf al-Qirāat al-Qurāniyyah

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Abd Rahim bin Abd Rahman bin Ibrahim Idi


One of the tools that has an effect on the diversity of the recitations (Qiraat) of the Holy Quran is: The meaning patricles with their diversity, variety, multiplicity and with the diversity of their work and their verbal effect. With their diversity, the meanings become many and clear, and their pictures become completed in minds. Also, the capacity of Arabic language stands out, as it endures these meanings with a little difference in pronunciation.Moreover, they show the greatness of the Holy Quran and the greatness of Allah, Almighty, settles down in souls.This research contains, as required, many things, among them : The definition of the term of ' the meaning particles', stating their types, their verbal effect on the diversity of recitations and stating their effect that goes beyond pronounciations to reach meanings. Also, the research contains stating the work of the meaning particles with their types, giving examples on them from the Quranic recitations, named after their primary reciters, and showing their effect and explanation.


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