Ahkām Āyāt al-Ijārah fī Sūratai al-Qaśaś wa al-Talāq

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Amer Abd al-Rauf Aldershewi


Ijara value and significance come after selling and hence Muslim jurists have remarkably contributed to manifest the provisions of public and specific ijara. There are many important verses in surahs Al-Qasas and At-Talaq talking about the provisions of ijara. This study discusses the provisions and the jurists’ views about these provisions. The study discusses the period of ijara without specifying the type of service, nature of ijara, possibility of the use of ijara as dowry for marriage. The study also discusses the use of ijara for unknown compensation. The study emphasizes the importance of ijara contract to include specific type and period of work in the same contract. The study also discusses terms and conditions, wet nurse and other related important issues.


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Research Article (Arabic)