Al-Tafsīr al-Tahlīlī li Qawli Allah Ta'ala: Fakhalafa Min Ba’dihim Khalf Aḍa’ū al-Solāt Wattaba’ū Al-Shahwāt. Al-Āyah Maryam: 59

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Ahmed bin Abdulaziz bin Mohamed Al Khunain


This research is an analytical explanatory study of a verse from Surat Maryam, which is: "But there came after them successors [i.e., later generations] who neglected prayer and pursued desires; so they are going to meet evil" Surat Maryam Verse No: 59. I divided this research into an introduction, a preamble, seven sections, and a conclusion. I indicated in the preamble: that Surat Maryam (Surat Makiya), then I mentioned the topic around which the verses of this surah revolve. Then I explained in the first section: the occasion of the verse related to what is before it. In the second section the following: explanation of the strange and unknown words in the verse. In the third Section: Quranic readings contained in the verse. In the fourth section: the overall meaning of the verse. And in the fifth section: the sayings of the interpreters in the meaning of the verse. Then I explained in the sixth section: the most prominent manifestations of wasting prayer. And I mentioned in the seventh section: the most prominent manifestations of following desires. Then the conclusion: I mentioned the most important findings.


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