Istiratijiyah al-Nizām al-Mālī al-Islāmī fī Mu'alajatihi li al-Faqr

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Hakim Ibrahim ‘Abd al-Jabar al-Shamiri


Poverty is the greatest challenge facing human beings and people; because money is one of the necessities of life and the secret of happiness and stability. If there is no money, the social fabric is torn apart, the class is spread among the people, the differentiation between the poor and the rich has appeared, and hatred and envy have prevailed among the people. Moreover, obscenity prevailed in society, crime spread, and security was lacking. The Islamic financial system has developed strict, accurate and transparent plans to address the problem of poverty in order to eliminate it and its devastating effects on society. In addition, it controls people's conditions, explores their needs, and works to fill the dangerous gap in many ways and methods that are precious to the soul. In this research, we aim to highlight and present the advantages of the Islamic financial system's strategy to eliminate poverty among Muslims. We also aim to illustrate the approaches that this system has embraced in its unique approach. The problem of research lies in the inability to enable the Islamic financial system in relation to the evolution of society and in conformity with modern era, although this system is smooth in its course, versatile in its instructions to be implemented in accordance with the interests of human society. The researcher adopted the approach of the extrapolation of Islamic texts, as well as the method and the descriptive analysis. He concluded that the Islamic system is considered to be one of the most successful poverty eradication system.


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