Al-Hidayah Akmalu Al-Matālib fī al-Tarīq ilā Allah Taāla

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Muhammad Ibrahim al-Samarai
Sakban Abdullah al-Maqdami


This research talks about guidance of the Qur’an in respect of its definition, types and ways, which as a result leads Muslims to Quranic guidance. The study has adopted a critical analytical research method in analyzing and discussing the core ideas of the research.  The study discusses and manifests a range of different ways that guide Muslims, the most important of which is ‘straightforwardness’, through which Muslims are led to the right path of Allah. The study has also discussed the misleading ideas and ideologies of so-called Muslims (apostates) in misleading Muslims to get confused about understanding the similar terminologies used in referring to Quranic guidance. The research concludes that Quranic guidance requires Muslims be patient, sincere, hard-working and diligent.


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Research Article (Arabic)