Al-Qillat wa al-Kathrat fī al-Qurān al-Karīm

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Hind Muhammad Sardar


This research entitled "The Minority and Majority in the Holy Quran." The study handles the minority and majority in terms of meanings and Quranic connotations, as well as revealing the causes and considerations of revelation, and linking this with reality. This study aims to introduce the concept of minority and majority, and to clarify the divisions of each of them, their types, the connotations of context, and the grammatical and legal rulings that they entail. The study followed the inductive approach represented in collecting Quranic verses, as well as the descriptive analytical approach in studying the topics and vocabulary of research and previous studies. The research is divided into two chapters: Chapter one handles the concept and characteristics of minority and majority in the Qur’an and Norms of Allah including three topics. The second chapter handles norms of Allah in minority and majority including two topics. The study recommended the necessity of studying such formulas, which have rhetorical meanings that arise through specific contexts, and to explain their uses in the Qur'an and their impact on reality.


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