Siagh al-Jam' fī al-Qirāat al-Mutawātirat Wa Atharuha fi al-Ma'na Min Awwal al-Quran Ilā Ākhir Surah al-Anfāl wa Atharuhā

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Abdullah Musa Abdulah al-Kathiri


This study aims at combining/integrating Qira'at al-Mutawatirah starting from first Surah to the end of Surah Al-Anfal. The problem of this study lies in the fact that there is no study so far having thoroughly investigated the integration of Qira’at in relation with meaning. The significance of this study lies in the fact that it is completely associated with the Holy Qur’an and classifies all scholars of Qira’at and shows the value/impact of Qira’at to/on other sciences i.e. exegesis, jurisprudence, faith and language. This study extensively discusses all different utterances in relation with different Qira’at, which shows the importance of this on meaning. There are different opinions of Qira’at in line with different interpretations and meanings of Quranic words in different sciences. The study adopts inductive analytical research approach to clarify the impact of the integration on Qira'at al-Mutawatirah. The study consists of introduction and two parts, the first of which discusses different ways of integration in Qira'at al-Mutawatirah and their impact on meaning; the second of which illustrates important results and recommendations, indexes and references. The study concludes that there are fourteen places showing integration. This integration of Qira'at al-Mutawatirah mostly shows individual Qira't and in some cases unindividual Qira’t such as infinitival, adverbal and additional. The study also concludes that integration of Qira'at al-Mutawatirah shows the multifaceted range of different meanings, some of which are from key words language, exegesis, jurisprudence and Islamic provisions.


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