The Problem of Adolescent Pornography Addiction and Prevention by Application of Al-Haya’

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Majid L. A.
Talib N. A. H. M.
Abdullah S.
Talib N. M.


The objective of this article is to explain that instilling al-Haya’ or sense of modesty can prevent humans from doing bad and staying away from carelessness. The problem of pornography addiction is the cause of sexual cases involving adolescents today. Due to the absence of al-Haya’ in the adolescent self, various social problems arise which spoil their morals. On the whole, research shows that al-Haya’ can be instilled in adolescents by keeping to limits in mixing between genders, lowering the gaze from looking at forbidden matters, being careful not to behave in matters which can morally spoil and affect the dignity, and dressing up decently. The implication of this research is to raise religious consciousness in society that al-Haya’ is required in all humans regardless of gender in addressing adolescents’ pornography addiction problem which is worsening.


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