Tafheem Al-Qur’an: Political Interpretation of Holy Qur’an

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Ali Muhammad Bhat


In contemporary era religion is considered as anti-development and un-progressive. But reality is something different if such a tag will be matched with Islam. Islam is progressive in both inclusive as well as exclusive nature. In such circumstances the link between Islam and politics continues to be the dominant philosophical discourse in present day life. The Holy Qur’ān contains sufficient verses which guides to build the political system on divine directions. To understand the nature of those verses Muslim scholars or exegetists interpreted and explained those verses accordingly. In this regard Maulana Abu Ala Maududi did a significant job to provide an insight of the political teachings of the Qur’ān in his commentary entitled “Tafhēmul-Qur’ān”. Besides a deep insight and intellectual research, Maududi’s everlasting hard work explored the international standard of the Qur’ānic teachings and made it viable if implemented at any level. An attempt has been made to explore the methodology and the political structure of the Qur’ān proposed by Maulana Maududi for exploring the Qur’ān and its relevance to the contemporary era.


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