The Rule of Carrying the Revelation on the Contrast is More Likely than Carrying it: A Critical Descriptive Study

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Ahmad Saad Hameed Al-Maliki


Subject: The rule of carrying the revelation on the contrast is more likely than carrying it on a critical descriptive study. The objectives of the research: A description, and a critique of this rule in its use to force between the words of different interpretations in the interpretation of the Qur'an verses. Search problem: What does this rule mean?  What criticism is directed at this rule when used to force the explanation of the interpretation of the interpretation by the facilitators?  Are there proposed formulations for this rule?  Did scientists decide this rule in their words of interpretation?  Top Search Results: The difference between words means that the word and meaning differ from the other word, and synthence means that the word and the union of meaning differ from the preferred definition. This rule is in the sense of a rule: The foundation is the first of confirmation. The Qur'an is based on the most likely statement, as well as language, and its usefulness is confirmation. This rule is a likely rule and is between the possible words of tandem and contrast, the words which are not originally included in them are not used in this rule. 


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