The Collapse of The Universe: Analysis From The Glorious Qur’an and Signs in The Universe

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Kitota Abdillah


This review takes as its central pre-occupation to look at the strong correlation between three verses in the Qur’an; namely 21:30; 51:47 and 21:104, and recent scientific discoveries in the field of Astronomy. While Qur’anic scholars have produced a large corpus of review articles on the origin and expansion of the universe in the light of modern science, the component of the ultimate fate of the universe has so far received little attention. The specific focus of this article is on the aspect of the collapse of the universe as expressed in the Qur’an; by considering the strong correlation between these three verses, and the state of current scientific knowledge on this subject. The review uses the Thematic Approach [Uslub Tafsir Al-Maudhu’i] and Synoptic Approach [Uslub Tafsir Ijmali] of what has been revealed in these verses and other related verses, as compared to what has been presented in various modern literatures in Astronomy. The findings show that the exposition of the Qur’an in verses 21:30; 51:47 and 21:104 has traversed the subject of Astronomy from the origin to expansion and ultimate collapse of the universe. It is hoped that this modest contribution may generate the interest of other scholars to do more research in this area.


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