A Complete Set of Inheritance System in The Quran

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Md. Quamrul Ahsan


The appropriate distribution of property, left behind by the deceased, is an essential requirement to avoid the unhealthy relations among the relatives of the deceased. The inheritance system, revealed in the Quran, is definitely the most appropriate one for the human being. However, the Muslim laws of inheritance in practice differ in many cases from it. This paper presents the inheritance system of the Quran showing clearly that; First, the inheritance system revealed in the Quran is complete and exhaustive indicating that one does not require any other document to distribute the properties of the deceased. Second, the Quran explicitly states the list of the heirs and their shares for different combination of living heirs. The list of the heirs and their shares are confined by boundaries (hudud). That is, the list of heirs neither can be extended nor shortened and the specified shares are fixed. Third, if anyone heir from among the list is alive he/she will be the recipient of the whole property. Fourth, brother/sister or both will be the heir(s) if only the deceased is childless. Fifth, the revealed system is a set of mandatory instructions from Allah (SWT). It may be noted that to the author’s knowledge the revealed concepts presented in first and third are neither practiced in any Muslim society nor reported in the literature.


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