Application of the "Text from Text and Extra Dimension Discourse Analysis "Theory: "Tawjediah" phrases in the Holy Qur'an

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Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh


This paper presents a new concept; "Tawjidiyyah Sentences", depending on the "D+ text from text discourse analysis theory". Tawjidiyyah Sentences are: "terminal sentences, or phrases, or words, or even letters that are fixed to be repeated or may be repeated to emphasize the words and renew the meaning, and it can be fixed (written in the text) or ponderously (may be repeated due to reader's reflecting upon)". Tawjidiyyah is a hybrid word from the Arabic words; Tawkidiyyah (emphasis) and Tajdidiyyah (Renewal). It is terminal because it may appear in the beginning or the end of the sentence. It can also be considered as a special case from the "Cementing phrases". Examples from the Holy Qur'an will be given to build a solid base and establish the concept. The application of this concept must not ever oppose the original meaning, or even contradict with, in contrast, it increases the capacity of understanding.


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