The Purposes of Changing in Challenging Discourse in the Holy Quran

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Loai S M Abusweireh
Thabet Ahmad Abdallah Abu-Alhaj
Ahmad Najib Bin Abdullah


This study aims to inspect some different opinions, and to determine the most accurate meaning of al-āyāt (the Quranic verses). It also aims to stress the significance of the Quranic context in clarifying the meanings, easing the understanding of the Quran, and removing the confusion and ambiguity brought by the large number of opinions on it. The study sheds light as well on the importance of the context as it is one of the essential elements in understanding the Quranic text and interpreting it correctly. The researcher used the inductive approach in defining certain disagreements on the interpretation of Surah al-Tawbah, the descriptive analytical method in the theoretical study and a segment of the applied study, and the deductive method in weighing the different opinions then giving preponderance to which is more correct (tarjīh). Among the important findings of the study are the Quranic context is considered a pillar in the process of tarjīh between the different opinions among the scholars of tafsir. the knowledge of the different Quranic uses of a Quranic term throughout the Quran is also an important element in the contextual Quranic studies and it helps in the process of tarjīh.


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