Istidrākat Al-Abyārī ‘alā Matni Al-Durrati Al-Muḍiyyati li Ibni Al-Jazarī

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Alaa Ahmed Faleh Al Sharif


This study, which is tagged with: “istedrakat Al-Abyari on the matn of Al-Durah Al-Mudhiya by Ibn Al-Jazari” Imam Muhammad Hilali Al-Abyari; In his precious explanation of this text, which he called (the Sunni joy in the explanation of Al-Durra Al-Bahiya), the study aimed to find out Al-Abyari's interpretations of Ibn Al-Jazari in the chapters of assets. And a statement of Al-Abyari's corrections to Ibn Al-Jazari in the letters of the letters. In her study, the researcher used the descriptive approach, to achieve the objectives of the study and reach the required results. The study was divided into three sections, under each section a set of demands, and the study concluded with a set of results, the most important of which were: The remediations of Al-Abyari on Imam Ibn Al-Jazari in Al-Durra amounted to eighteen, nine of them are in the chapters of assets, and nine are in the letters of the letters.


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