Namāzij min Juhudi ‘Ulama’i Al-Islām fī Muqāwamati Al-Dakhīli min Al-Israiliyyāt fī Tafsīri Al-Qur’ān Al-‘Aẓīm Dirāsah Tahliliyyah

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Sumaya Saleem Al-Kordi


There is no doubt that the sayings of the Companions and their followers are one of the sources of interpretation  of the Qur’an, this research aimed to know the opinions of Islamic scholars, and the scholars of the interpretation of the Qur’an in particular on the subject of the Isra'iliyat that have  been mentioned in the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an, and to clarify examples of their  positions regarding it, and ways  of dealing with it, through tracking and extrapolation, and then studying it in the light of a systematic plan.


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Research Article (Arabic)