Al-Ḥaḍāratu Al-Qurāniyyah Khaṣāiṣuhā wa Majālātuhā

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Hamda Muftah E M Al Tamimi


This research aims to study the characteristics of the Qur’anic civilization, and it also aims to clarify the concept of civilization in the Qur’anic perception. The research referred to the most important aspects of the Quranic civilization, and it also shed light on the areas of the middle civilization, which is one of the most prominent features of the Quranic civilization; then the research dealt with the aspects of the middle civilization; first: the moderation of the Qur’an in belief, second: the moderation of the Qur’an in legislation, third: the moderation of the Qur’an in morals; and finally, the research touched on the fact that the Qur’an is a civilization of decisiveness and a solution to humanity’s renewed problems, a civilization of diagnosis for the present, and a clear vision of the future. The research relied on the induction method and deductive analysis to reach the research results.


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