Al-Ifrād wa Al-Jam’ fī Al-Qirā’āt Al-Mutawātirah wa Atharuhuma fī Al-Ma’na Ittifāqan wa Ikhtilāfan min Awwal Al-Qurāni ilā Ākhiri Ṣūrati Al-Anfāl ‘Jam’ān wa Dirāsah’

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Abdullah Mousa Al-Kathiri


This research aims to clarify and clarify the singular and plural terms in the frequent readings, limiting them and extrapolating their positions from the beginning of the Qur’an to the end of Surat Al-Anfal, and clarifying their significance on the meaning and their impact on it. As well as the absence of studies that shed light on the impact of different Qur’anic readings collectively and individually in the meaning, and highlight the importance and value of the research in its connection with the Holy Qur’an completely, as well as the classification of scholars, ancient and modern in the science of directing readings, and their meanings, and the impact of different readings in sciences: such as interpretation, jurisprudence, and belief , language; However, I did not find a book or research – according to my knowledge and research – that dealt with all the plural and singular terms in the readings in all the Qur’an and showed their impact on the meaning, which gives this research importance, and one of the reasons why I chose it, for the readings contain a large number of differences due to plural and singular. The Qur’anic word has a clear effect on the meanings in various sciences, which gives it importance and valueAnd I made the research into an introduction, and two main sections, a study section that includes two sections, and a section dealing with plural and individual words in the frequent readings from the beginning of the Qur’an to the end of Surat Al-Anfal, and a conclusion that included the most important results and recommendations, and an index of research sources and references, and among the most important results: The number of plural places reached And the individuals in the readings covered by the research are ten places, and the plural and individual places that the research dealt with indicate the plurality and diversity of meanings, some in the language, some in the interpretation, and some in the jurisprudence and rulings, and this difference is diversity and heterogeneity, not contradiction and contradiction


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