Al-Takbīru baina Al-Suwari ‘inda Khatmi Al-Qurān Al-Karīm wa ‘Ināyatu Al-‘Ulama bi Al-Ta’līfi fīh

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Salem bin GhormAllah bin Mohammed Al-Zahrani


Among the Sunnahs that readers have received and read: The takbeer between the surahs at the conclusion of the Noble Qur’an, in the narration of al-Bazi on the authority of Ibn Kathir al-Makki. Some scholars have weakened this Sunnah in recitation because of the weakness of its narrator, Imam al-Bazzi, in the narration of hadith, but many scholars defended this Sunnah, and responded to those who weakened it - due to the weakness of its narrator in the hadith - and replied that he is a reputable imam in recitation, an argument in it, and the takbeer was transmitted within what He recited it to his sheikh, Imam Ibn Kathir, for the field is the field of reciting and reciting the Qur’an, and not the field of a hadith narration. A number of scholars, old and new, wrote in the takbeer, defending it and its narrator, explaining its reason, its location, its formula, and its ruling. This research deals with the scholars’ concern for authorship in takbeer, and he mentioned what he found of their writings in it, systems and prose, and it consists of an introduction, and two sections, the first: in the definition of takbeer, and who mentioned it, and an explanation of its location, formula, and the reason for its occurrence, and the second: in the scholars’ care and composition in it. Then the conclusion, which includes the most important results of the research, then the index of sources and references. Among its most important results: the justice of the imams of recitation, including Imam al-Bazzi, may God have mercy on him, his majesty and his stature among the scholars of recitation, and the proof of the Sunnah of the takbeer from his narration on the authority of his sheikh, Imam Ibn Katheer al-Makki.And what was reported on the authority of some hadith scholars regarding the weakness of al-Bazzi, it is not necessary for him to be weak in everything he narrates, and this does not challenge his transmission of the Qur’an and what is related to it, and it includes the takbeer, which is more closely related to the reading of the Qur’an, rather it is transmitted in the folds of the recitation and between the surahs.



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