Al-Ahruf Al-Sab’atu Ma’nāhā wa Ḥikmatuhā wa Al-Farqu bainahā wa baina Al-Qirā’āt Al-Sab’ah Dirāsah Taḥliliyyah.

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Ibrahim bin Mustafa Qubaisi


Talking about the issue of the seven letters is one of the oldest disputed issues at the level of scholars of the Noble Qur’an. As the scholars dealt with it a lot; This is due to the confusion between it and the Seven Recitations. The scholars differed as to what is meant by the seven letters, and their opinions were numerous; We can find up to forty varying opinions, and the most popular opinion among many of them is that it refers to the seven languages from the languages of the Arab tribes. The different Arabic dialects and the seven letters refer to one letter of them, which is the one on which Othman bin Affan, may God be pleased with him, compiled the Qur’an. Through this research, it is suggested that the seven Qur’anic readings are not the seven letters. The research included an introduction in which I dealt with the importance of the research topic, the research problem, its questions, its methodology, its plan, and previous studies. There are three main topics, the first: the seven letters, their meanings, and the sayings of scholars about them. The second: the wisdom behind the revelation of the Qur’an in seven dialects. And the third: the difference between the seven letters and the seven readings. Conclusion: Contains the most important results.


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