Lughatu Ahli Makkah fī Al-Qirā’āt Al-Qurāniyyah

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AbdulRahim bn Abdulrahman bn Ibrahim Eidiy


The Qur’an readings from the Lord of both worlds were characterized by the fact that they took place in a number of Arab languages, and for the languages in which the readings took place in the Mecca language, because they revealed and raised languages among the Arab languages, as God said: The Arabic language and the language of the people of Mecca, in particular, are preserved by the fact that the Qur’an remains preserved. So, I decided to write this paper that I called: The language of the Mecca people in the Quran readings. The objectives of this research include: The presentation of the seven words and the statement of their meaning, the recognition of the honour and prestige of the Mecca language, the description of the Mecca language as distinct from all other languages, and the identification of the subjects in the Mecca language in the readings contrary to other languages and made the limits of research: The ten frequent readings. The research included the languages of Arabs before the Qur’an, the place of the Mecca language among the other languages of Arabs, the features of the Mecca language and its excellence from other languages, and the differences between the Mecca language and other languages in the readings.


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