The Treatment and Prevention of Leprosy (Al-Judham) and its Correlation in Dealing with The Spread of Covid-19 According to the Perspective of Hadith

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A’inaa Lyana Amanina Mohd Zaim
Khadher Ahmad


The treatment and prevention of disease is an effort of healing and self -protection from disease. In the hadith there were clear explanation of the treatment and prevention of several types of diseases including infectious diseases such as leprosy and cholera. Through a comparative analysis method, this article seeks to analyze hadiths related to leprosy and its treatment within the framework of fiqh al-hadith to find correlations with Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in terms of its spread, treatment approach and prevention efforts. All the explanations are done through inductive and deductive methods. The hypothesis showed that there are clear relationship between the two diseases in terms of infection through air and respiratory droplets as well as methods in breaking the chain of infection. The results of the study found that there are six hadiths that directly related between the two diseases in particular through the source of al-Kutub al-Sittah. The hadiths cover aspects of prevention and control that are understood from fiqh al-hadith. From the medical aspect, these two diseases have similarities in terms of the mode of infection and the spread of the disease through the air. Thus, it is clear that the understanding of leprosy described in the hadith can be used as a guide in applying treatment approaches and prevention efforts to the spread of COVID-19 epidemic.


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