Al-FarrÉ’s Method in the Science of Al-waqf and Al-‘IbtedÉ’ Through His Book (Ma’Ény Al-Qur’an

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Wasim Mohammed Sulaimani


The research focused on an important issue related to one of the great imams of the language-al-FarrÉ- through his book Ma’ani al-Qur’an focusing on the science of Al-waqf and Al-‘IbtedÉ’. The study examined the issue in several axes, which are summarized in mentioning the author’s approach in the sections of science, his approach in terms, his approach in places, his approach in his method, his approach in causes, and his approach in transmission from those who preceded him. At the end of the research, a number of results were mentioned about the method in the science of endowment and beginnings, such as the author's clear interest in this science, and the authors' interest in his words and what he said. And I recommended a number of recommendations at the end of the research, the most important of which are: to single out scientific theses, whether for masters or doctorate, to follow the places mentioned and explained and between them.


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