Taḥrīr al-Khilāf bayn Al-Imāmayn Abī Ja‘far wa Shaybah bin Nasāḥ fī ‘Add al-Āyy

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Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim Eidiy


One of the issues related to the science of verse counting is the attribution of disagreement in the civil sect to the two imams Abi Ja`far Yazid ibn al-Qa`qa` and Imam Shaybah ibn Nasah in verse counting. It required an independent study to edit the points of disagreement between them, with an explanation of the face of each of them in counting or leaving to count the difference between them. Research problem:The last Madani is attributed to what was narrated on the authority of Abu Jaafar Yazid bin Al-Qaqa’ and Shaybah bin Nasah, except that Yazid and Shaybah did not agree in all the counting places, but rather they differed in a number of places, so one of them counted them and the other left them, so I came up with this research by identifying and studying these places. The importance of the research: The importance of the research appears in that it deals with the controversy in the verse counting in a well-regarded doctrine of the science of verse counting, which is the civil counting of its two types, in terms of the statement of the successor between the two imams on whom the dependant is in the narration behind the people of the civil number, namely Imam Abu Jaafar Yazid ibn al-Qaqa’ one The ten reciters and the sheikh of Imam Nafi’, and between the Imam Shaybah bin Nasah, the face of the doctrine of each of them. This research aims to: Defining the civil doctrine in the counting of the verse, translating the two imams Abi Jaafar and Shaybah bin Nasah, with the identification of the places in which they differed in the first and second civil counts, and liberating the dispute between Imam Abi Jaafar and Shaybah bin Nasah, and mentioning the face of each in counting or leaving. Among the most prominent results of this research: the differences between the two imams are confined to six places, and both of them went to counting or leaving based on what he narrated from the predecessors, and that the difference between them in counting or leaving is like the difference in the back between the readings due to the seven letters.


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