Manhaj Al-Imāmayn Al-Shāṭibī wa Al-Qāḍī fī Kitābayhimā Nāẓimah Al-Zuhr wa Al-Farā’id Al-Ḥasān: Dirāsah Muqāranah

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Nawaf Saeed Awad al-Maliki


This research aims to introduce two systems in the science of Qur’anic commas, from the most famous of what was written in this science, namely, “The Nāẓimah al-Zuhr in counting the verses of the Qur’an” by Imam Al-Shāṭibī and “Al-Farā’id Al-Ḥassān in counting the verses of the Qur’an” by Sheikh ‘Abd Fattāḥ Al-Qāḍī, through a comparison between them,  We will discuss in it the most important features that distinguished each of them, and what they agreed on in their two books, following the comparative approach, through the analysis tool, and God is the guide to the right path.


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Research Article (Arabic)