Hidāyāt Sūrah Al-Humazah wa Atharuhā fī Binā’ Al-Qiyam Al-Insāniyyah

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Nawal bint Mohammed bin Zahid Ali Sardar


This study aims to extract the gifts of Surat al-Hamza, being an authentic source for the construction of human values, and for the need of the Islamic Ummah to renew the link with divine revelation, and to rely on it, in solving the problems of nodal, moral, societal and educational humanity, this study showed the concept of Qur'anic gifts and human values, highlighting the gifts of the Surah, and their impact on building human values and addressing human problems, adopting the analytical approach, and the deductive approach, resulting in:  The importance of contemplating the Holy Qur'an, renewing the relationship with it, taking it as an authentic source of human values, deriving the guidance of the Surah and highlighting its impact on addressing human problems, and building doctrinal values such as faith in Allah the Almighty, the Last Day, Paradise and Fire, Morality such as patience, charity, humility, preservation of tongue and money, and community such as cooperation, solidarity and fraternity, and its impact on education and refinement of behavior, spreading the spirit of cooperation, helping others, working on insight, leaving behind suspicions and illusions, emphasizing the active role of teachers, educators, and preachers, in directing, to evaluate the members of society towards high human values, building a civilized and interdependent society, the importance of diversification in methods, choosing the best method for people, the need to correct misconceptions, and work on insight and science.


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