Al-Qurrā’ Al-Akhīr fī Madīnah Al-Mukhtār ‘ala Al-Ṭabaqāt wa Al-A‘ṣār fi Al-Qarnayn Al-Awwal wa Al-Thānī Al-Hijrī

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Mashael Salim Abdullah Bajabir


In this topic of mine, which I called: (The Good Readers in the City of Al-Mukhtar on the layers and the hurricanes in the first and second centuries AH), I showed the most famous readers in the city and divided them into layers. The research, the positives of the research, and the research methodology, then divided it into two sections, and each topic contains several demands. The first topic: defining the science of stratigraphy, 1- defining the science of stratigraphy and the benefits of knowing it, 2- classifying classes. The second topic: the readers of Al-Madinah on the layers in the first and second centuries AH, 1- the readers of Al-Madinah in the first century AH, 2- the readers of Al-Madinah in the second century AH, then the conclusion and indexes


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Research Article (Arabic)