Al-Mufradāt Al-Qur’āniyyah: Al-Dilālah wa Al-Nash’ah Mufradah Ibn ‘Āmir Namūdhazan

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Samer N.A Samarh
Nor Hafizi Yusof


This study aims to explore (Mufradah) a single of Qirā’āt and defines the full significance of this term, revealing the stages passing in classifications in the science of Qirā’āt and (Mufradah) a single of Qirā’āt, with an explanation of the efforts of respective scholars. Thanks to the significance of the Mufradah of Ibn ‘Āmir for five centuries, the research focuses on it as a study model. To achieve the study objectives, two inductive approaches are used to collect the names of the Quranic vocabulary manuscripts. The indices, biographies, and analytical books are also used to explain the reasons for authorship in this classification and clarify the conditions of works in Ibn ‘Āmir’s reading. The findings of the study indicate that specialists and students are required to investigate Mufradah Ibn ‘Āmir's manuscripts. The findings also show that Qirā’āt scholars simplify and condense the information to make it easier for beginners to learn the science of Qirā’āt


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Research Article (Arabic)