Ta’wīl Al-Walā’ fī Tafsīray Fī Ẓilāl Al-Qur’ān wa Al-Tafsīr Al-Munīr Dirāsah Muqāranah Taḥlīliyyah

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Iman Kan’ani


This study aims to clarify the concept of “muwālāt” (loyalty) based on the exegeses of Sayid al-Quṭb and al-Zuḥayli in a comparative analysis. This study is important since the concept of loyalty has revealed different meanings in Ulama’ thought. Additionally the Qurʾān has discussed this concept in many verses. It is worthy to mention that the misunderstanding of this concept has brought difficult situation in Muslims states, on the one hand, and between Muslims and non-Muslims on the other hand, thus studding this concept has made more significant. This study explains the concept of loyalty through the methodology of Sayid Quṭb and al-Zuḥayli in light of related verses to loyalty. Then the study by using inductive method analyses these verses, then it compares both point of views. The study reveals that Sayid al-Quṭb indicates the concept of loyalty under the systematic contractual issues. However, al-Zuḥayli argues this notion. Moreover, Sayid al-Quṭb points out that the relation between Muslim and Non-Muslim is based on hostility and war even they have not been appeared it. By contrast, al-Zuhayli indicates that this relation is established based on the peace.


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