Al-Shāfīiyyah fī Bilād Fāris Wadawrihā fi al-Dirāsāt al-Quraniyyah Ibn 'Abī Maryam al-Shayrāzī Namūwdhajan

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Mohammad Abdollah Haji Ali Kangani


Muslim scholars have always given lion share of their efforts to Qur' anic studies as the Holy Quran is the main source of islam. Among these scholars are Shafi’ies in southern part of modern Iran. This study aims to analyze their role in Qur' anic studies through the study of the the works of one eminent scholar among then who is "Ibn Abi Maryam Al-Shirazi" lived in 6th Hijri century (13th C.E). By introducing him, the researcher demonstrated analytically and descriptively the role of Shafi’ies in southern Iran in writing books, establishing schools and education, and traveling around the Islamic world for educational purposes. The researcher also revealed the role of "Ibn Abi Maryam Al-Shirazi" in Qur' anic researches and his impact on showing the importance of examining ushering accepted and "Shazzah" Qur' anic readings in interpretation of the Holy Quran.


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Research Article (Arabic)