Juhūd Jāmi‘ah Al-Qābūs fī Ri‘āyah Al-Ṭalabah Al-Mawhūbīn fī Ḥifẓ Al-Qur’ān wa Tilāwatuh

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‘Abd Allāh bin Sālim Al-Hanā’ī
Muhammad Said bin Khalil Al-Mujahed


The research aims to identify the efforts made to take care of the people of the Qur’an, clarify the license program, and indicate the number of students benefiting from the program, so it came to answer the following questions: What are the efforts made by Sultan Qaboos University to nurture the gifted in general, and those who memorize the Qur’an in particular? What is the Quranic Ijāza  program? How many students are enrolled in the program? We followed the descriptive, narrative, and analytical approaches, and we reached some results, perhaps the most important of which are: Sultan Qaboos University has sponsored its distinguished students in all fields, including Quran memorization and care, and represented by the Deanship of Student Affairs and the Religious Activity Department in particular, sponsored distinguished students in Quran memorization and recitation through training and refining their talents, and encouraged them to do the program and encourage it financially and morally. The program is a test and courses, and it has two programmes: the introductory course program and the advanced course program, followed by the start of the Quranic Ijazah for those who qualified from the previous two courses. 907 female students participated in the program in the Itqan Recitation Club, 126 female students in the reading course, 77 female students were approved by the bond, and more than 600 female students were approved in the Qur’anic license course.


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